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What is the full form of IES

Full Form of IES: Indian Engineering Services IES Full Form is Indian Engineering Services. Indian Engineering Services or IES A team of talented engineers selected by the Government of India […]

What is the full form of BCCI

Full Form of BCCI : Board of Control for Cricket in India BCCI Full Form is Board of Control for Cricket in India.  BCCI governs the game of cricket on […]

MRF Full Form Name

Full Form of MRF : Madras Rubber Factory Ltd MRF Full Form is Madras Rubber Factory Ltd. This is the largest company in India which manufactures tyres. Besides tyres, MRF […]

Write the Full Form of UNICEF

Write the Full Form of UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF Full Form is United Nations Children’s Fund. It is a UN organization that defends, promotes and protects rights of […]

What is full form of PF?

PF FULL FORM : Provident Fund   Full form of PF is Provident Fund. In India, it is mandatory for an Private and Limited Sector employee to have a provident […]


  ICC Full Form  : International Cricket Council (or) International Criminal Court Additional Information: ICC Full Form can represent two terms: International Cricket Council (ICC) represents the governing body of […]

IFFCO Full Form

Full Form of IFFCO: Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative IFFCO Full Form is Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative. IFFCO is an Indian cooperative society providing services related to fertilizers for agricultural purposes […]