Full Form AM PM

Full Form of AM PM :

Full Form of AM : Ante Meridiem (which means ‘before mid-day’)

PM Full Form :  Post Meridiem (which means ‘after mid-day’)

AM Full Form are Ante Meridiem (‘before mid-day’) and PM Full Form name is Post Meridiem (‘after mid-day’). The 24 hours a day are divided into two parts: AM and PM. In other words, ante meridiem refers to the time “from midnight to noon” and post meridiem represents “from noon to midnight”. The terms are derived from Latin words where ‘meridians’ means ‘midday’; ‘ante’ means ‘before’, and ‘post’ means ‘after’.

Most people get confused about the use of AM and PM for 12 hours. Since the word ‘meridian’ refers strictly to noon or midday, the term AM and PM do not apply for 12:00.

Full Form of AM PM – Additional Information

Time is an interesting mystery, which we have described for our convenience in terms of mathematics, physics, and clocks. While we have not yet provided any concrete evidence as to what time actually is; Is it just the imagination of man or is there something else hidden behind its existence. Of course, this is justified, because not every person is talented in mathematics or science to compose his or her vocabulary with technical terms.

What Is the Full Form Name of AM and PM

We take special care of our time. We begin with a 6-hour time format, followed by a 24-hour time format that will briefly discuss our main topic, which is a 12-hour format that includes two essential components, AM which is the Ante Meridian and PM. About who stands for Post Meridian. Let us explore AM PM Full Form

Before we move to a 24-hour format, we shall discuss the now-archaic system of time, 6-hour clock system.

The time system is a traditional system practiced in the Thai language. Time ago languages were used in languages like Lao language and Khmer language.

AM PM Meaning

Though like the 24-hour clock system it counts 24 hours every day the time period is divided into four quarters. For each day quarter, the number of hours counted is six.

The hours in each quarter are represented in terms of duration, except for the sixth hour in each day’s quarter, which are the mong chao that indicates the first half of the day and thum that indicates the first half of the night. These terms have been believed to have originated from the sounds produced by the conventional timekeeping inventories.

People used to play the gong when the hours in a day were announced whereas the drum was played to announce hours in the night time.

It describes the word mong, which is similar to the sound of gong and tham, similar to the sound produced by drums. The dawn and dusk times are represented by the words chao and bai respectively.

Now the exception, which is the sixth hour of each quarter, is denoted by different words. At dawn, the sixth hour of the quarter is known as yam line, while the sixth hour at dusk is known as yam kham. Kham and rung mean dusk and dawn respectively.

The midnight and midnight hours are called Thiang / Thiang Wan and Thiang Khuen respectively. Let us explore Full Form of AM PM.

This system of time has been used since the time of the Ayutt Empire, however, it was codified in the year 1901 by King Chulalongkorn. It was codified in the Royal Gazette 17: 206. Now, the use of these words and time format is limited to the colloquial only. This system was abolished in Laos and Cambodia during the French intervention and the French time system was used by the French.

Divided time format into 24 hours. That is from 0 hours to 23 hours. AM and PM in the time system are by far the comparatively popular time notations in the world.


The time convention is used by the international standard under the name ISO 8601, covering the transmission of date and time data and issued by the International Organization for Standardization (abbreviated as ISO).

The 24-hour format is used in the medical field for documenting care that prevents any confusion as to the events pertaining to the medical history of a patient.

Full Form of AM PM. Military Time

This standard of time is commonly referred to as military time in Canada, India, the United States, and other countries where the 12-hour format is still prevalent.



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