YOLO Full Form Name

Full Form of YOLO:

You Only Live Once

YOLO Full Form is You Only Live Once. YOLO is the abbreviated form of the phrase You Only Live Once. It is similar to the Latin phrase carpe diem, which literally stands for seize the day. The underlining meaning of the phrase is that one must strive to live one’s life to the fullest even if it involves risky decisions because you get life once. It is regarded as a motto among youth and in music culture. The Phrase became internationally popular when it was used in the song “the Motto” by Drake. Ever since, it is fairly used as an internet slang. The Phrase has come up in several records such as in the German play Clavigo. In the 20th century, it became popular due to its frequent use by the actor and comedian Mae West.

In the 21st century, YOLO became the essence of youth and music culture. It is now frequently used in hash tags, graffiti, television shows, pranks, etc. While the underlining essence of the YOLO slang is inspiring, many misinterpret it to mean restiveness and indifference. There have been instances where YOLO is used to promote  careless activity such as driving while being drunk. It is due to this online media such as the Huffington Post and the Washington Post has criticized it.

The obnoxious use of the term has become rampant and it has contributed in the infamy attributed to YOLO. Funny how an inspiring motto is misinterpreted by misguided individuals. Regardless of the controversy, YOLO is an attractive, funky term. It can be used in many ways for example, #YOLO, I am gonna live my life after all YOLO. You can make up whatever examples you want because grammar is not a necessary party here. The only thing to be remembered is that the slang should not be used to propagate an irresponsible message.

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