XLS Full Form Name

Full Form of XLS:

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

XLS Full Form is Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. XLS is essentially a spreadsheet, which is created by Microsoft for platforms Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Some of its features include graphing tools, calculation, pivot tables, etc. It also comprises Visual Basic for Applications, which is a macro programming language. Microsoft Excel is a popularly used spreadsheet application particularly version 5 which came out in the year 1995. With it being a popular application, it has significantly replaced Lotus 1-2-3, which was previously the industry standard. Microsoft Excel comes a part of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel has all features that a typical spreadsheet has. It makes use of a grid of cells, which are arranged in rows (numbered) and columns (letter-named) facilitating organization of data manipulations such as arithmetic operations. It provides a battery of functions that help in answering engineering, financial and statistical needs. Additional, Microsoft Excel can display data in the form of histograms, charts, or line graphs and even facilitates sectioning of data according to various factors. It’s Visual Basic for Applications allows users to make use of a variety of numerical methodologies such as differential equations in mathematical physics.

Until the year 2007, Microsoft Excel has employed the use of a proprietary binary file format known as Excel Binary File Format (.XLS). However, soon after 2007, Microsoft Excel replaced .XLS with Office Open XML as its primary format. XLS stands for eXcel Spreadsheet. Its use can be still found however, it is recommended that users switch to the current versions of Microsoft Excel to avail themselves of advanced features that contribute in easier calculations and better assortment of data. While there are many reasons ascribed to the replacement of XLS as a primary file format, older users of the Microsoft Excel would still feel nostalgic if suddenly an .XLS file pops up on their screen.

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