XLPE Full Form Name

Full Form of XLPE:

Cross-Linked Polyethylene

XLPE Full Form is Cross-Linked Polyethylene. XLPE is a kind of polyethylene, which has cross links. It is created into tubing and is largely used in several kinds of building services pipework infrastructure, cooling systems, and hydronic radiant heating, insulation for the purposes of high tension electrical cables, and domestic water piping. XLPE finds application in offshore natural gas and oil operations, transportation of slurries and sewages, transportation of chemicals, etc. XLPE has now become a commonly used alternative to PVC—which stands for polyvinyl chloride— as well as to CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) and copper tubing for applications in the form of residential water pipes.

XLPE is an essential form of polyethylene, infused with several characteristics helpful in different kinds of infrastructural activities. There are, therefore, a few things that one should learn about XLPE, considering the volume of applications it has. XLPE is composed of cross-linked bonds in its polymer structure, which effectuates a transition from thermoplastic to a thermoset. This cross-linking is attained at the time of or after the extrusion process of the tubing. The American Society of the International Association for testing and Materials (abbreviated as ASTM) places a standard degree of cross-linking that is to lie between 65 to 89 percent. In case there is a higher degree beyond the standard, then there may be instances of brittleness as well as stress cracking.

XLPE is extensively used in plumbing and there are many reasons attributed to its popularity in this area: high flexibility, a direct route due to the capability of XLPE pipes to run straight, lower cost of materials, convenience in installation, non-corrosive and does not develop pinhole leaks, longevity, suitability for both cold and hot pipes, relatively more environment friendly as compared to other alternatives, etc. There are however certain drawbacks too as there cannot be the perfect solution to anything. It can still be safely said that XLPE is a better alternative to many other materials available in the market.

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