WIPRO Full Form

WIPRO Full Form is Western India Products Ltd. WIPRO is a global IT company that also offers outsourcing and consulting services. It has a workforce of over 160,000 and clients from over 175 cities across the globe. The company had revenues that touched $7.6 billion in the financial year of Mar 31, 2015. Mohammed Premji established WIPRO in 1945. In the beginning, it was called the Western India Vegetable Products Ltd., which was then the abbreviation of WIPRO.

Initially, WIPRO only manufactured refined oils and vegetables in Mumbai. Some of the products were trade named as Sunflower, Kisan, and Camel. The logo of sunflower still holds good as a unique representation of WIPRO products. It was between 1970 and 1980 that WIPRO shifted its focus into computer and IT industries. The company was renamed as WIPRO Ltd. Today, every WIPRO product has adherence to the Six Sigma quality standards.