WD Full Form Name

Full Form of WD:

Western Digital

WD Full Form is Western Digital. WD is also known as WDC or the Western Digital Corporation. WD is basically a company of America that deals with computer data storage. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of hard disk drive in the world. This position is also shared by the Seagate Technology. The WD was known as a storage product manufacturer and an integrated circuit maker company. It was founded by an employee of Motorola, Alvin B. Phillips on twenty-third April of the year 1970. This company was initially named as General Digital and was an MOS test equipment manufacturer. It rapidly became an expert in making specialized semiconductor. The start-up capital was given by Emerson Electrical, an industrial giant as well as by numerous individual investors. Its current name was adopted in July of the year 1971. The first product introduced by this company was WD1402A UART. Following are the utilities distributed by the WD:

Data Lifeguard Tools

It is a utility suite for hard disks’ basic setup. It was developed by Kroll Ontrack Inc under a contract. This utility runs on DOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The downloading and usage of this utility is free of cost, but it is not supported by the hard drives of WD. The Data lifeguard Tools was replaced by Acronis WD in the year 2009.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

It is the utility of software that is used mainly for the determination of the physical conditions. This is useful for older models of the hard drives of WD. The features of this utility consist of printing and viewing test results, entering and printing RMA or return merchandise authorization information, fast and extended testing.

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