WAN Full Form

WAN Full Form is Wide Area Network. WAN is a network used in telecommunication or computers to establish the connection between various devices regardless of their distant geographical locations. WAN can connect devices from different regions, countries, and throughout the globe. Devices in a WAN can be connected through public networks, leased lines, and satellites. The biggest and largest WAN in this world is Internet.

Generally a WAN is connected through two or more LANs (Local Area Networks). WANs are used by big business companies or educational institutions to help their employees, clients or students stay connected to each other always. WAN comes into use where LANs fail to connect devices that are situated several miles away from each other. Initially WANs were able to function at a speed of 56 or 64kbit/s. But as new technologies emerged, data transmission efficiency has developed and that in turn increased the working speed of WANs as much as up to 100 Gbit/s.

WANs are either created by some particular organization as private networks or developed by internet service providers for larger, broader and general use. Technologists have tried to demonstrate various aspects of WAN on the basis of mathematical models, network emulation, and network stimulation. Whatever, WAN provides ultimate service to help being connected.

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