VoIP Full Form Name

Full Form of VoIP:

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP Full Form is Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a standard methodology that is used as a transmission medium for telephonic calls over the internet. Simply, it refers to the phone service on the internet network. It is responsible for the transmission and delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions. VoIP can be categorized under both sections i.e hardware and software. It uses the IP address to successfully send voice data in several packets.

VoIP is also termed as Internet Telephony. By the help of this service, an individual can make voice calls to someone, without using his telephone or mobile phone device. VoIP converts the analog voice data of the user to a specific digital signal and then it transfers that signal over the internet to the destination. It is the suitable and efficient alternative for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

VoIP has gained immense popularity among the internet users because if an individual uses VoIP, he can make calls over the internet and the internet does not demand any surcharge. He only has to pay for the internet service, there is no need to pay separately for internet service and telephone service. It is indeed an efficient and cost-effective service. Skype is an application software that provides VoIP services across the globe.

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