VLC Full Form Name

Full Form of VLC:

VideoLAN Client

VLC Full Form is VideoLAN Client. VLC is a portable media player that is widely used and extremely popular throughout the globe. This media player is efficiently written and handled by the VideoLAN project. This media player also works as a server for streaming media sources. Initiated in 1996 by the VideoLAN project and first released in 2001, VLC operates as a free served, cross-platform, and open source software.

It not only works on the desktop based operating system, but it also is available for mobile based operating platforms. It is available for almost all mobile platforms like android, windows, iOS etc. It is mostly available in app stores for the respective systems. VLC has a efficient and easily operated module design. VLC operates and implements its own protocol. It has its own and uniquely designed muxers and demuxers.

The operations of VLC are based on packet system. The software is available in about 50 different languages. It supports and plays almost all formats of video and audio because it offers a huge amount of libraries that include encoding and decoding. The service is more extended as the VLC plugin is available for many reputed browsers. It is an extremely useful and efficient media player that is growing in use and popularity continuously.

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