VLAN Full Form

VLAN Full Form is Virtual Local Area Network. VLAN is a network of computers that are physically independent but they behave as if they are connected through a common wire. It is a group of end stations that share a common lot of requirements. More generally, a VLAN is a broadcast system that is separated from the data link layer.

VLANs are designed in such a way that various network administrators, who are not from the same network switch, can efficiently create a group of hosts. IEEE 802. 1Q is the most common protocol that is usually used to construct a VLAN or a channel of VLANs, on a particular Ethernet network, numbering in as much as up to 4,094. Static VLAN, which is port-based and dynamic VLAN, which is created using hardware — are the two common types of approaches to assign and authorize VLAN membership.

VLANs are extremely flexible because they use hardware rather than software. If a computer, connected to a VLAN, is transferred to or moved to any other location from its parent location, that computer still stays connected to the same VLAN without reconfiguring the hardware. This system is absolutely useful and comfortable in terms of connection and communication.

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