VISA Full Form Name

Full Form of VISA:

Charta Visa (Latin Term)

VISA Full Form is Charta Visa. It is a Latin term and the meaning of the term is “paper that has been seen”. VISA is an authorized paper issued to a person by a certain country. VISA is issued by countries mainly to the foreigners as an authorized paper of permission to enter, remain temporarily within, or exit the country. VISA is issued to a person upon his valid request. These are generally issued in the form of stamps that are endorsed on an individual’s passport or any other valid travel document.

In the past, VISA was issued to a person by an immigrant officer when the person arrives at the entry point of the country. Many countries use this method even till today. But, most of the countries follow a different process. A person has to apply for the electronic VISA in advance before his journey. A VISA includes the person’s identity, country name to which he intends to travel, permitted duration of the stay, exact mention of dates to and fro of staying etc.

VISAs can be of various types like official VISAs, Immigrant VISAs, visitor VISAs (permitted for short-time stay), long-time VISAs etc. The VISA of a person can be revoked and rejected if he is found to be involved in certain regulated, specified, and mentioned unacceptable activities. Many countries provide the travelers with the facility of extending their VISAs if they want.

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