VGA Full Form Name: VGA Meaning

Full Form of VGA :

Video Graphics Array

VGA Full Form is Video Graphics Array. VGA refers to the graphic display system for personal computers. Video Graphics Array was developed by IBM in 1987. It has become a de facto standard for computers. VGA systems can offer a resolution of 720X400 pixels in text mode. It offers resolutions of 640X480 with 16 colors or 320X200 with 256 colors in graphics mode. VGA offers a total number of 262,144 palette colors. VGA was first introduced in 1987 and ever since it has been evolving in colors and resolution. The basic standard version has seen many revisions and the most common one among them is SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array). SVGA has resolutions more than 640X480 pixels (such as 800X600  pixels and 1024X768 pixels).

Unlike the earlier graphic standards of CGA, MDA, EGA, etc, VGA utilizes analog signals. The connector of the standard VGA has 15 pins of trapezoidal shape. However, monitors that are designed for older standards may not work with VGA standard. VGA was introduced along with the IBM PS/2 series of computers in the year 1987. It is actually the final IBM graphic standard to which most of the PC Clone producers confirmed. Extended Graphics Array (abbreviated as XGA) standard was created by the IBM and it followed the VGA however, later it was successfully replaced by different versions of VGA created by clone producers. These versions were known as Super VGA, collectively.

Now, the application of VGA analog interface is found in high definition video, which includes 1080p and higher resolutions. The VGA’s transmission bandwidth is high enough to provide support to higher resolutions but there can be quality degradation, which depends on cable length and quality. The word “array” is used in VGA, not an adaptor for a reason. The reason is that since the beginning the application was implemented as a single chip that is an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (abbreviated as ASIC). This use of single chip enabled the VGA to be installed directly on the motherboard of a personal computer with least difficulty, as it only needed timing crystals, video memory, and an RAMDAC.

There are many companies that manufacture graphic board models compatible with VGA such as Oak technology, Realtek, Western Digital, Texas Instruments, Trident Microsystems, Plantronics, Matrox, Intergraph, Cornerstone Imaging, Chips and Technologies, Windbond, Circuit Login, tseng Labs, S3 graphics, IIT, Hualon, AMD, NEC and many others.

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