UNIX Full Form

UNIX Full Form is UNIplexed Information Computing System. UNIX is a standard multiuser operating system for computers. This effectively multitasking system was originally developed and owned by AT & T. It was developed by a team which included notable faces like Ken Thompson, Joe Ossanna, Dennis Richie, Douglas Mcllroy, and Brian Kernighan. The development of UNIX started in 1969. It was initially intended for use within Bell Labs.

But it became available to the outside clients in 1973. UNIX is written in C programming language and other assembly languages. It is based on two default interfaces namely graphical and command line. It is based on monolithic kernel system, commands, document formatting, commands, documentation, development environment, utilities, and graphics. UNIX can run on inexpensive hardware systems. That is why it became extremely popular as a operating system.

It was available for educational use at a nominal fee. But there are many variants available of UNIX. Some of them are free for use but others are proprietary. UNIX has been modified for a number of times so that it becomes more suitable and effective in its use. There are many variants or clones of UNIX. Linux is the most popular and effective among those clones.

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