UFO Full Form Name

Full Form of UFO:

Unidentified Flying Object

UFO Full Form is Unidentified Flying Object. UFO refers to any flying anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable through common human knowledge. UFO is basically related to the much-debated topic of extraterrestrial life. It indicates the existence of alien beings from other planets. This term was first used in 1953 by USAF (United States Air Force) to mention or to indicate any mysterious flying object that does not match with the objects known to human beings as capable of flying.

People have claimed about UFO sightings through centuries. The descriptions of the witnesses vary on almost each case. The report of first UFO sighting can be traced back to 1878. Not only the common people, but also designated persons from military, government sectors, or aviation sectors have claimed about UFO sightings. A number of committees have been formed through ages to investigate these reports. But none of them has been substantially successful in deriving a satisfactory and fully acceptable conclusion.

Even in 21st century, in the age of technological supremacy, UFO sightings are often reported. There are experts and critics who have occasionally produced government conspiracy theories which intend to hide the reality of alien existence by removing physical evidence of such incidents immediately after their occurrence. One of the most notable, highly discussed incident of UFO sighting is Roswell UFO incident. However until today, no one can come to a concrete conclusion on whether these incidents are really related to the extraterrestrial existence or simple hoax.

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