TVC Full Form Name

Full Form of TVC:

Thrust Vector Control

TVC Full Form is Thrust Vector Control. TVC refers to the ability of a vehicle (mainly aircraft or rocket) to use the thrust force of its motor and to manipulate the direction of thrust to control the orientation and the rate of change of angular displacement of that vehicle. Flying vehicles, especially the vehicles that operates outside the earthly atmosphere, use thrust vector to control their attitude.

TVC effectively works where aerodynamic control surface becomes ineffective. TVC uses control surface but to a minor extent. The ability of TVC can be achieved if 5 basic means are fulfilled. Auxiliary engines, reactive fluid injection, exhaust vanes, aerodynamic vanes, and gimbaled nozzles are the five basic parameters upon which the ability of TVC depends on.

TVC does not only help to control attitude, but it also helps an aircraft to be able of vertical or short takeoff, and of performing various surprising and difficult maneuvers in tough situations. Sudden and quick turn, pulling up the nose of the vehicle, quickly getting into right positions are some common maneuvers that can be performed by the use of TVC. This is why most of the fighter pilots use TVC in a combat engagement to gain the upper hand over the enemy.

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