TMI Full Form Name

Full Form of TMI:

Too Much Information

TMI Full Form is Too Much Information. TMI indicates presence of unnecessary, exaggerated information. Well, TMI, a much convenient use of the phrase, is used in a similar context when the other side is divulging information that are too personal or may disgust other people for example, sex life, toilet habits, and other things. When somebody divulges such information, you find it difficult to digest and feel disgustful. You’d say that it is too much to handle because it is totally unexpected and unnecessary. There are many ways in which the term can be used. Some of the examples have been given below for clarity:

  • Mary: I have met her yesterday and told me about a streetwalker, who was engaged in bondage activities…
  • Brienne: Hold on, Hold on..That is too much. TMI!
  • Stark: Want to know about the shady practices of my company?
  • Ivy: No, no, thanks, TMI!
  • Aarti: Do not tell me about that book. It is all about sex and incestuous relationships. That is TMI for me.

The above examples show that TMI is an expression that clearly expresses disgust. It is not used in a roundabout fashion but is a direct indication that the other side does not want to know about the topic on which information is being conveyed. So, now you know how to use TMI in your conversations! Whenever you want the other person to give a break to all kinds of nonsense he is spitting, tell me the impossibility of digesting the information. That is TMI for you!”

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