TFTP Full Form Name

Full Form of TFTP:

Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TFTP Full Form is Trivial File Transfer Protocol. TFTP is a simple version of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It is much simpler and convenient to use than FTP, but it is less capable. TFTP is used in such cases where security parameters, regarding user authentication and directory visibility, are not very high. UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is used by TFTP as its main transfer protocol.

Therefore, TFTP supplies its own transport and session support during the file transfer. It doesn’t use any authentication mechanism. It is a simple and lock-step process. When a user takes help of a client to initiate a request to read or write a file on the server, the request usually targets port 69. Then the server negotiates or directly grants the request according to the set parameters.

The transfer takes place as only one block of data of 512 bytes by default, at a given time. It does not transfer fluid amount of data blocks. Thus, TFTP is known for its low throughput even on the high latency standards. Netascii, Octet, and mail transfer are the three different modes of data transfer as defined by TFTP. This internet software utility is often effectively used in routers, terminals or workstations that don’t use boot-disc.

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