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Full Form of TCS :

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS Full Form is Tata Consultancy Services. This is an Indian MNC that specializes in IT services, business solutions, consulting and outsourcing services. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. A division of the Tata Sons Limited established TCS in 1968. It is a subdivision of the Tata Group. Some of the yearly contracts handled by TCS include punched card services to TISCO and Inter-Branch Reconciliation System for Central Bank of India. It also successfully provided bureau services to UTI (Unit Trust of India)

Currently, it is the global leader that operates in over 46 countries around the world employing more than 3, 50,000 employees. Notable trustworthiness of TCS is that it is listed in the Indian National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. With regards to market capitalization, TCS is one among the largest companies in India. TCS has brought many laurels to the Indian IT industry. It has also taken its place among the top 4 most valuable global service brands in IT industry. It was incorporated as an individual entity on January 19, 1995.

TCS Full Form – Additional Information

The TCS is basically a global company that deals with business solutions, consulting and services of information technology. The head office of this company can be found in Mumbai. It is basically a subsidiary of the main Tata Group. Its operations extend to more than forty nations. In accordance with its market capitalization, which is eighty billion dollars, this company is among the biggest in India. It is also one of the biggest brands in terms of the services of information technology all over the world.

In terms of revenues, it ranks tenth in the list of the biggest provider of the IT services. FC Kohli founded this company in the year 1968 along with JRD Tata. In the year 2015, its revenue and operating incomes were sixteen billion dollars and four billion dollars respectively. The profit earned by the company in the year 2015 was three billion dollars. Its total assets during the same year amounted to thirteen billion dollars.

Services and Products offered by TCS

A large number of services and products related to information technology are provided by the TCS along with its subsidiaries. There are numerous lines of services under which the services provided by this company can be categorized. These are given below:

  • The 1st is Development of applications and their maintenance. The contribution of this service line amounts to forty-three percent of the company‚Äôs total revenue.
  • The 2nd is consulting, and its contribution is two percent.
  • The 3rd is Enterprise Solutions, which contributes fifteen percent.
  • The 4th is Solutions related to asset leverage, and it forms seven percent of the total revenue.
  • The 5th is Outsourcing of business processes, which contributes twelve percent to the total revenue.
  • The 6th is Industrial and Engineering Services. Its contribution is four percent.
  • The 7th is Information technology infrastructure services. It forms eleven percent of the total revenue.
  • The 8th is Assurance Services. It contributes seven percent to the total revenue.


There are more than two hundred offices under the TCS across more than forty nations. It also has more than one hundred and forty centres in over twenty nations. Additionally, it has over fifty subsidiary companies.


The BPS division of the TCS, referred to as the TCS BPS, is among the biggest outsourcing companies in terms of information technology. In the year 2013, its total revenue was over one billion dollars. It employs more than forty thousand people. Its customer base consists of over two hundred million customers that are spread over eleven nations. During the year 2013, the attribution rate was nineteen percent. A contract of thirty-five million was won by this company from Eli Lilly in the year 2006. It then won another deal in the year 2007 from Hoffmann-Roche for providing clinical programming, data management, support in terms of drug safety and biostatistics to the development efforts of the company.

Innovation Labs

The co-innovation network was launched by the TCS in the year 2007. This network consists of research departments in universities, innovation labs, venture capitalists and start-up alliances. There are nineteen innovation labs under this company, and these are present in 3 nations. Its partners include MIT, IITs, which are education institutes; Perkins and Sequoia, which are venture capitalists; and Cassatt and Collabnet.

Development and Research Centre of TCS

The development and research centre of the TCS are referred to as TRDDC. The foundations of this centre were laid in the year 1981. The fields under which it undertakes research includes process engineering, software research, and system research. In the innovation labs’ network of this company, it is the biggest facility dedicated to development and research.

The headquarters of the TRDDC can be found in Pune. The centre is responsible for the development of Master Craft. It is now referred to as the Code Generator Framework of TCS. It can form code automatically using a computer language. It can also do the same in accordance with the requirements of the user.

Another achievement of this centre is the Swach. Initially, it was referred to as Sujal. It is basically a water purifier of low cost. The manufacture of this water purifier is possible with the help of resources that are available locally. More than a thousand of these water purifiers were deployed in the year 2004 during the Tsunami Disaster in the Indian Ocean. It formed a portion of the company’s relief activities.

TCS Employees Details

The TCS is among the biggest companies in India in terms of employees. As of the year 2015, more than three hundred thousand people are employed by it. Over thirty percent of them were women. As of the year 2013, around seven percent of them were non-Indian. During the financial years of 2012 and 2013, the employee cost was thirty-eight percent of the company’s total revenue. The new staff recruited by the company during the year 2013 amounted to sixty-nine thousand. More than fifty thousand were Indian-based. The attribution rate during the same year was ten percent. During the same year, the utilization rate of the employee was more than eighty percent.

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