SWAT Full Form Name

Full Form of SWAT:

Special Weapons And Tactics

SWAT Full Form is Special Weapons And Tactics. SWAT teams are those units of the police department in the United States which are specially trained to use exemplary military equipment and tools like advanced guns and firearms. The SWAT was created in the 1960s in order to take the cities under control in case of riots and violent terrorist confrontations. These teams have ever since proved to be very beneficial and highly useful for the US.

The SWAT teams are well equipped with hardware and equipment which is used by the military. They are also trained so as to deploy against the threats for survival like terrorism, crowd control etc. Basically, the situations that can’t be handled by the common police and FBI, are the situations where the SWAT teams take control. Other countries also have their PPUs (Paramilitary Police Units).

The SWAT officers are trained for the most adverse circumstances. In order to be a SWAT officer, a police officer has to serve for a specific tenure and then apply for such specialist sections. The officers are to pass physical agility, oral, written and psychological tests, just to prove that they are fit, not just for physically challenging operations but also for tough tactical operations that demand serious brain challenging tasks.

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