SUV Full Form

SUV Full Form is Sports Utility Vehicle. It also called Suburban Utility Vehicle. Initially, SUV was meant to combine the capacities of a mini van’s storage and a mega truck’s towing. With the evolution of design based on market demand, the vehicle is more a comfort van with 7-seat capacity. Typical features of SUV include roomy interior, high seating, increased engine capacity, fuel efficiency, huge trunk space, and more.

Similar to cars, SUVs also differ in sizes and classes. There are mid-sized versions to large and luxury versions with little variations in features and looks. Based on the model, they have upgraded interiors, leather interior, and other luxurious features. Some of the popular brands that make SUVs include Chevy, Dodge Durango, Honda CRV, Land rover, Hummer, Nissan Pathfinder, etc.