SSL Full Form

SSL Full Form is Secure Sockets Layer. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides security over a network. It helps to establish an encrypted link between a website and a browser, or a mail server and its client. This system allows the users to securely transmit private data over the internet. Websites that are secured by SSL show a padlock image in the website URL section.

SSL ensures data integrity between two computer systems that are communicating at a time. SSL involves various and numerous configurable parameters It uses various methods like data encryption, key exchange and authentication of message integrity. Simply, SSL is the efficient determining factor for the encrypting variables both for the link and the data that is to be transmitted. It is advanced and developed protocol system that uses algorithm. SSL helps millions of people throughout the globe to transmit or exchange their private data with ultimate security.

Users can rely on this system when they exchange their private data like credit or debit card number, social card number, login passwords or any other personal data. Most of the e-commerce and e-business websites use SSL so that their clients and customers can stay assured of the fact that their personal credentials are being kept confidential. TSL is the successor of SSL and it is more efficient and developed.

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