SRAM Full Form Name

Full Form of SRAM:

Static Random Access Memory

SRAM Full Form is Static Random Access Memory. SRAM is a RAM that stores static data. The data remains constant due to electric supply to the memory chip. SRAM stores data on its transistors with the help of two inverters (cross coupled). While performing operations such as read and write the access transistors manages memory cells and its availability. SRAM requires 6 metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors abbreviated as MOFSET to store one memory bit. There are two types of SRAM1) MOFSET and 2) BIPOLAR JUNCTION.

MOFSET is a popular SRAM whereas Bipolar Junction consumes a good amount of energy. Static random access memory (SRAM) operates on a higher speed than Dynamic random access memory abbreviated as DRAM and does not refresh itself. It is best suited for various other operations that include CPU’s fast memory and storing of registers. SRAM is often found in hard drives in the form disc caches. One can also find SRAM in CDS, DVDS, Modem routers, Printers, digital Camera etc.

The access time of SRAM is approximately 10 nanoseconds whereas the access time of DRAM is 60 nanoseconds. As SRAM doesn’t require refreshing itself between the cycles its access time is less than that of DRAM. SRAM is expensive and hence it is most of the time used a memory cache. SRAM has a complex structure and hence there is a limitation in the amount of data it can store. Data storage capacity of SRAM is much lower than DRAM. SRAM is also used in many consumer electronics, toys, and large appliances. SRAM stores data in an efficient and reliable way.

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