SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form is Save Our Ship (or) Save Our Soul. There is so much mystery about the SOS full form though most people believe that it is ‘Save Our Ship’ or ‘Save Our Soul’. But what is factual is that SOS does not really have any full form and is just a signal of distress sent to seek help. The reason why this code was chosen to express distress sign is because; it is associated with the Morse code, which is denoted by three dots; three dashes; and three dots in a row, which looks like this :      ‘ …_  _  _…’

In Morse code, it essentially means, ‘three dits, three dahs, and three dits’. According to International Morse Code, dits represent ‘S’; dahs represent ‘O’; and dits represents ‘S’. SOS is the distress code internationally, which is recognized by telecommunications all over the world and is normally used by aircrafts and shops. It’s a message to broadcast while in an emergency or a help call. In terms of a modem, SOS is a prosing and is formally written as SOS, it will not be misinterpreted for anything else but help.

SOS Full Form: Secular Organizations for Sobriety

Full Form of SOS stands for Secular Organization for Sobriety. It is basically an autonomous and non-profit organization of addiction recovery groups. It is also called Save Our Selves. This organization lays high emphasis on placing a high priority on sobriety. It also stresses on using mutual support for assisting members to achieve their goal. The guidelines suggested by the SOS lay stress on making rational decisions. It is not spiritual or religious in nature.

The Secular Organization for Sobriety is an alternative to programs like AA or Alcohol Anonymous, which is an addiction recovery program and is based on spirituality. The SOS does not believe that spirituality is necessary for maintaining abstinence. The first meeting of the SOS was held in North Hollywood, situated in California in the year 1986. The processes of the SOS include the recognition of the environmental and genetic factors that results in addiction.

According to the SOS, recovery from alcoholism is possible, but its cure is not possible. There is always a chance of relapse. The endorsement of the relationships between a sponsor and the one being sponsored is not done by this organization.  According to the SOS program, the members are required to follow a Cycle of Sobriety daily. This cycle consists of three parts: priority on maintaining sobriety, accepting their addiction and acknowledging their addiction.

Full Form of SOS: Squadron Officer School

SOS Full Form stands for Squadron Officer School. It is a PME or Professional Military course. It is for captains of the Air Force of the US, First Lieutenants chosen for International Officers, DAFC or Department of Air Force Civilian equivalents and Captain. It helps in fulfilling the requirements of the Air Force of the US for PDE or primary developmental education. The base of the SOS is at Maxwell AFB, situated in Alabama. The version of the SOS course taught there is the in-residence. The course duration is five weeks.

The Squadron Officer School forms a part of the SOC or Squadron Officer College. The SOC is a part of the Air University. The seminar programs do not take place in the SOS, unlike the senior and intermediate level of the courses of the PME of the Air University. Additionally, the attendance of the Squadron Officer School does not have US officers employed in sister services.

These officers have the eligibility of taking SOS through distance learning or correspondence learning formats. There are some universities and colleges that recognize the graduates of the SOS with transfer credits at the graduate level. Some of them include the American Military University, University of Oklahoma, American Public University and Central Michigan University.

SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form: Share Our Strength

Full Form of SOS refers to Share Our Strength. It is basically a national organization that works to abolish childhood hunger in the US. The SOS was established by Debbie Shore and Billy Shore. They are siblings. They lead this organization to this day. This organization holds individual donations, culinary events and utilizes social media for raising funds. These funds are then utilized for funding solutions of the problem of hunger. The funds are magnified with the help of corporate sponsorships.

The main mission of Share Our Strength is to abolish poverty and hunger in the US by mobilizing individuals and industries. They also aim to create community wealth that can help in promoting lasting changes. This is accomplished by them by a process that has three steps: fund raising, fund magnifying and fund granting, sustainable charitable work and infrastructure work.

Funds are raised by this organization with the help of four platforms, which are Hinges for Hope, A Tasteful Pursuit, and Dine Out for No Kid Hungry and Taste of the Nation. The funds for this organization are magnified with the help of corporate sponsorships. The grants that are made by the Share Our Strength organization is used for making the infrastructure of this organization work.

Full Form of SOS: Singapore Organization of Seamen

SOS Full Form refers to Singapore Organization of Seamen. SOS was established and registered on thirtieth October of the year 1971 for representing seamen. The main objective of this organization is the regulation of the relationships between the employers of the members and the members themselves.

The main mission of the Singapore Organization of Seamen is the promotion of the employment opportunities and industrial relations. They also help in encouraging and assisting the local seamen to upgrade themselves in the ever competitive employment market. They also help in ensuring that all seamen, who include foreign seamen as well, receive rewards for all the hard work they do.

The new logo of the SOS was launched in the October of the year 2001. This was done at the thirtieth Anniversary of the union. A capital letter S dominated the logo, which represents the nature of this organization. The color of ‘S’ also represents the color of the sea. There is a box that contains the words ‘ Singapore Organization of Seamen’, which represents the organization members’ unity that has a common identity and similar interest. It represents stability too.

Presently, there are about twenty thousand members in the SOS. A large number of them are foreign seamen. Seacare is a new organization founded by the SOS in the year 1994. It caters to the ex-Seamen of the Singapore as consumers, workers, and members.

SOS Full Form: Sarasota Orchid Society

Full Form of SOS refers to Sarasota Orchid Society. It is basically a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the enjoyment, appreciation and education of the many orchid varieties. Due to the tropical climate of Sarasota, people living in this area are able to enjoy cultivating these beautiful plants.

The meeting of the Sarasota Orchid Society is held every month. These are held in the Activities Centre of the MSBG or Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. These gardens are situated at the South Palm Avenue of Sarasota. For finding directions to the Selby Gardens, a map is available on the website of the Sarasota Orchid Society. On arriving at these gardens, the directional signs are present which will help in directing one to the facility being used for the meeting purposes.

Every month, the meetings of the SOS are organized on the first Monday. These meetings start at seven pm in the evenings. The meetings of free cultural classes are held at six pm in the evening every month. Visitors can attend the business meetings and cultural meetings of the Sarasota Orchid Society. These meetings usually include refreshments, a raffle of orchid plants, a presentation or guest speaker, a judged show where plants are displayed by the members, and business meetings. Thus, the Sarasota Orchid Society can be joined for a valuable and enjoyable learning of the science and art of growing orchid plants.

These meetings usually include refreshments, a raffle of orchid plants, a presentation or guest speaker, a judged show where plants are displayed by the members, and business meetings. Thus, the Sarasota Orchid Society can be joined for a valuable and enjoyable learning of the science and art of growing orchid plants.

Full Form of SOS: Son of Superman

SOS Full Form stands for Son of Superman. It is basically a comic book. Its publication was done by the DC Comics. It was written by David Tischman and Howard Chaykin, with art by Mick Gray and J.H. Williams III. The date in which the story is set is not specified. In the storyline, the President of the US is Elizabeth Dole. John Kent learns from Lois Lane, his mother that his father, Clark Kent was helping people secretly as the superhero ‘Superman’.

Superman disappeared fifteen years ago in a foreign country. Jon follows the footsteps of his father and attempts to become the new Superman. Jon aids Lana Lang and Pete Ross, who leads a terrorist organization. During this, he comes to know that his father was in captivity in a facility located underground. Jon frees him and the Kent family is united.

Lana and Pete Ross uses the spacecraft that brought Superman to earth for decoding a Kryptonian message found at the underground facility used for holding Superman captive. Lex Luther was threatened by Pete Ross to expose him as the one responsible for kidnapping Superman. Pete demands two million dollars for not revealing the information.

The Justice League is defeated by Jon, Superman, and Batman when they tried to capture Superman under the orders. Jon alone confronts Luther when the latter stole genetics of Superman and the Kryptonite technology to obtain super powers. While initially faring poorly, Jon defeats Luther in the end.

It was revealed that the Martian Manhunter was responsible for holding Superman captive along with Luther. He was banished from the Planet Earth. The Justice League eventually decides to retire from the job of fighting crimes. Bruce Wales decides to run for president, and Jon established cordial relations with his father and continues to help people as a superhero.

SOS Full Form: Society of Singers

Full Form of SOS stands for Society of Singers. It is a charitable and non-profit organization that is devoted to aiding professional singers. The main aim of the SOS is the maintaining, preserving and improving the life quality and personal dignity of professional singers by providing them a large number of resources for the conservation of their livelihood. With their help, the professional singers can further increase their ability to thrive and prosper.

The Society of Singers is aligned with a number of entertainment unions and charities like MPTF, the Actors Fund, SAG-AFTRA and MusiCare for outreaching and providing a wide number of opportunities for the singers that require greater support services and financial assistance. The SOS has raised more than three million dollars and has helped more than five thousand singers all over the nation. Their outreach has extended to Switzerland, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.

A twenty-four unit apartment complex is owned by the SOS and operated by it to offer low-income and transitional temporary housing. It has awarded scholarships of more than one hundred thousand dollars to the students of Vocal Arts in Masters Programs. It has granted fifty thousand dollars over a period of ten years to the Vocal Art finalists for advancing in the arts. They have also gifted two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a large number of victims of the Hurricane Katrina.

Full Form of SOS: Son of Sevenless

SOS Full Form refers to  Son of Sevenless. SOS, in cell signaling, is basically a gene set that encodes the factors of guanine nucleotide exchange. The gene was named in such a way because it was encoded with the Sos protein that has a downstream operation of the sevenless gene. The sevenless gene is present in Drosophila melanogaster, which in turn is present in a pathway of the Ras / MAP kinase.

The action of the Ras-GTPases is same as that of the molecular switches that help in binding to downstream effectors like the protein kinase c-RAF. They help in their localization to the membrane. This results in their activation. Ras-GTPases are inactive when they have bound to GDP or guanosine diphosphate and are considered active when they have bound to GTP or  guanosine triphosphate.

The innate enzymatic activity is possessed by the Ras-GTPases, which leads to the hydrolyzing of the GTP to phosphate and GDP. The exchange factors related to guanine nucleotide and the SOS act by binding the Ras-GTPases. It forces them in releasing the bound nucleotide, which is generally GDP. Ras gets activated since GTP is more readily available as compared to GDP. The mutant alleles of the SOS can cause type 1 hereditary gingival fibromatosis and Noonan syndrome. Noonan Syndrome can also be caused by the mutations in PTPN11 and KRAS genes.

SOS Full Form: Street Outreach Services

Full Form of SOS refers to Street Outreach Services. SOS is the mobile component of the HCH or Health Care for the Homeless program of the SFCCC. The SOS has been providing non-judgemental and high-quality health care services to homeless people since the year 1988.

The SOS has an additional project named VET SOS. IT provides veterinary care free of charge to the animals that are a companion of the homeless. The dedicated team of volunteers, nurses, outreach workers and doctors help in creating ‘clinics without walls’ in parks, on city streets, under overpasses, and at soup kitchens.

SOS goes to the homeless people directly and meets them at their own turf. The main goal of the SOS consists of connecting homeless people of San Francisco to the health services. They also aim at training health providers in the care of homeless San Francisco people and other populations that are vulnerable.

The services of the SOS consist of on-site urgent and preventive health care, linking the homeless to other required resources like legal support, substance recovery, dental services, and mental health. In addition to providing transport assistance, they also provide hygiene and health supplies.

More than one thousand homeless people of San Francisco receive care from the SOS every year. Over fifty nursing students, medical students and medical services are given hands-on training from the multidisciplinary team of the SOS every year.

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