SONY Full Form Name

Full Form of SONY came from the word “SONUS” (Latin word) which means Sound. SONY is a multinational conglomerate corporation based in Japan. The headquarters are located in Konan Minato area in Tokyo, Japan. It engages in diversified enterprises that include professional and consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and gaming. The corporation is presently one of the most prominent manufacturers of gadgets for the consumer as well as the professional market. In the 2015 list released by Forbes Global 500, Sony is placed at 116th position. Sony Corporation is the parent company and the electronic business segment of the Sony group.

Sony Group is involved in businesses through its 4 operating segments, namely: motion pictures, financial services, music, and electronics. Sony is one of the leading entertainment companies in the world. The principal business operations of Sony include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Corporations, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Financial, and Sony Mobile Communications. Presently, Sony is part of the Top 20 leaders in semiconductor sales and as of the year 2013, it is also the 4th biggest television producer in the world, lining up after TCL, L G Electronics, and Samsung Electronics. Sony traces its origin to the period of World War II when MasaraIbuka started operating an electronics store in Tokyo.

The company started with eight employees and was later joined by Ibuka’s colleague, Akio Morita. Together, the two established, what was then called, the Tokyo Tsushin Kogya and produced the first tape recorder of Japan that was named Type-G. In the year 1958, the company was renamed into its present SONY. SONY entered the American market with its TR-63 radio, which became a major hit. It became extensively popular among teenagers who bought portable transistor radios in great numbers. In the year 1960, Akio Morita founded the Sony Corporation of America. In the year 1979, the corporation started a life insurance company in the year 1979 as a peripheral business. Akio Morita is credited to have propelled the company to great success. He was heavily inspired by the mobility reflected in American work environment, something which was uncommon among Japanese and tried to overhaul the organization to instill such feature.

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