SNMP Full Form

SNMP Full Form is Simple Management Network Protocol. SNMP is a set of internet standard protocols that is used for managing complex networks. The earliest version of SNMP was developed in the late 1980s. It sends messages in form of PDUs (Protocol Data Units) to various and different parts of a network.

It is an application layer protocol that is used for the collection and organization of information about various devices in a network. It is also used to change the device behavior by modifying the collected information related to that device. It is simply an important part of TCP/IP suite. It is widely accepted and acknowledged because of its efficiency in managing various network elements. It includes an application layer protocol, a set of data objects and a schema.

The SNMP-compliant devices are called agents. These agents are used to management information database from the device locally, and then these agents store the collected data in MIBs (Management Information Bases). It also ensures the return of the data to the SNMP requesters. Network management systems widely use SNMP in order to monitor the activity and functions of  network-attached devices. Routers, servers, workstations, switches, printers are commonly known devices that use and typically support  SNMP.