SIT Full Form Name

Full Form of SIT:

Special Investigation Team

SIT Full Form is Special Investigation Team. SIT is a team that contains specialists from various fields related to criminal investigation policies. SIT is a bunch of highly credible professionals who can handle cases of special interests. We can’t see the involvement of SITs in every special case, but they are appointed as per the direction of the judicial authority if a case is found to be of special interest, national or international interest, rare, highly criminal, highly controversial or special according to any other norms as the judicial authority determines.

Judicial authorities do not directly form an SIT. In specific cases where current investigation agencies are found to be incapable of deriving a conclusion, respective state governments are directed to appoint members to form this special team. So, there is not any specified credential that is needed necessarily to be appointed as an SIT member. There is no set rule about the acceptance of the report presented by an SIT.

The court can accept or reject the report of an SIT. This purely depends on the decision of the judicial institution. If the report is rejected, the court itself decides the final fate or outcome of the case. SITs are appointed mostly in high-profile cases. The case of Gujarat riots, in 2002, is the most popular example where a Special Investigation Team was appointed.

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