SEO Full Form Name: SEO Meaning

Full Form of SEO :

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Full Form is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most commonly used term on the web. This term refers to the method of techniques and strategies that are used to increase the ranking of a website on a search engine page. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have certain defined requirements to qualify websites in order to place them on top of the search results. The first place is highly important because; users who search for information in any of the search engines, tend to access the first two or three websites in the search results. Very few access other search results while even less visit the next page of the search results. Thus, the prime aim of any website owners is to optimize their websites on top of the search results. There are several ways to achieve the SEO.

SEO Full Form – Seasoned Equity Offering

Full Form of SEO is Seasoned Equity Offering. SEO is a new type of equity issue provided by an existing publicly trading company. Also known as capital Increase or Secondary Equity Offering, it may engage shares which are sold by shareholders (which are non-dilutive), new shares (which are dilutive) or may be both. If the SEO is made by any issuer which conforms to the regulatory criteria of a specific type, then it may be a case of shelf offering. SEO is managed by underwriting firms in the same way as the Initial Public Offerings are handled. There is, however, one exception and that is the new shares’ price is premised on the market price of outstanding shares.

Investors often interpret SEO as an indication that the company is undergoing financial problems. This interpretation may result in the reduction of the prices of both new shares and outstanding shares. Firms usually have two options for SEO: a rights offer or a cash offer. In the rights offer, the existing shareholders are given rights to purchase new shares, often at a reduced price. On the other side, in a cash offer, the new shares are allocated to public for cash and this results in a decrease of the existing shareholders’ proportional ownership. In the case of an SEO, the compensation (Which is actually the gross spread) that the underwriter firm receives is less than that for an IPO. There is reduced pricing risk that yields into the lower degree of underpricing.

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