SEBI Full Form

SEBI Full Form is Securities and Exchange Board of India. SEBI refers to the system or body that regulates the investment market of India. This board maintains efficient and stable market conditions by enforcing as well as creating regulations in marketplace. This system is similar to U.S.SEC and is comparatively new. It was formed in 1992. SEBI is greatly responsible for protecting the Indian investors and for attracting the foreign investors.

Though SEBI was established in 1988, it gained statutory powers only in 1992. The headquarters is placed in Mumbai. SEBI is responsible for the investors, market intermediaries, and issuers of security, as these three are the major factors that constitute the Indian market. The prime objective of SEBI is to protect investors and check on the malpractices; to help issues to raise finance easily and fairly; and to provide a professional and competitive market to the intermediaries. The key functions of the board include developmental functions; protective functions; and regulatory functions.