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Sub-Divisional Magistrate

SDM Full Form is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. It is a functional designation in the legal system of a country. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is the head of the Country Sub Division who is responsible for maintaining law and order of that sub division. In accordance with the government structure of a nation, there is an administrative officer, which is the head of a subdivision of a district, and is below the district level. This officer is called a sub-division magistrate. The sub-division of a district is a Tehsil. A tax inspector empowers it and is referred to as a collector magistrate. An SDM or Sub-Division Magistrate is in charge of all tehsils or sub-divisions.In India, the Criminal Procedure Code was passed in the year 1973. Under this code, a sub-division magistrate needs to play several roles of both magisterial as well as executive nature.

Every district has one SDM. The Registrar Magistrate and District Magistrate are the heads of the SDM. In Delhi itself, the number of registrar offices for document’s registrations are fifteen. The head of a district is the Deputy Commissioner. There are additional Sub-Registrar, SDM or Sub-Division Magistrate, Tehsildars and District Magistrates under him. The functions of the District Administration vary, and it includes rehabilitations and relief, property registration, revenue courts, acquisitions of land, conducting elections, issuing legal documents, magisterial matters, etc.

The department that is responsible for exercising supervisory powers and enforcing all types of Government Policies over some additional Government functionaries is the Delhi’s District Administration.The Divisional Commissioner occupies the top position of the revenue hierarchy. He also performs the functions of the Registration’s Inspector General. Under the numerous Revenue Acts, his designation is Secretary of Revenue and Collector.

Revenue Functions

The revenue functions of an SDM consist of settlement operations, mutations, conducting the cases of revenue, operating as the public land’s custodian, demarcation and maintaining property records. According to the several tax laws, the functions of collectors as well as additional collectors are performed by the Deputy Commissioners and the District Magistrates respectively. The designation of the Revenue Assistant and Assistant Collectors is given to the SDM. His primary function involves the everyday revenue work. The Patwaries, Kanungos, and Girdavars form the subordinate revenue staff. The Tehsildar is responsible for their supervision. They are responsible for the mutations and tax activities of the field level.

Issuing Certificates

The SDM can issue numerous types of statutory certificates. These documents include Nationality, Domicile, OBC and SC/St, etc. The additional documents issued by him include power attorneys, property’s registration documents, share certificates, sale deeds, and much more. The Office of Sub-Registrar has made the law, according to which it is necessary to register these documents. The Deputy Commissioners perform the role of Registrars for their districts. They are also responsible for supervising the Sub-Registrars.

Election Work

For Parliamentary Constituencies, the functions of the Election Officers of a District and the Returning Officers are performed by the Deputy Commissioners. The positions of the Returning Officers for the Electoral Registration Officers and Assembly Constituents with respect to the list of voters are filled by the District Magistrates and SDM. The successful conduction of the Assembly and Lok Sabah Elections is the responsibility of the District Officers. The other functions of the District Administration include issuing the EPIC Cards and Certificates of the Voters and revising and maintaining the list of Voters.

Magisterial functions

The Deputy Commissioners exercise the Executive Magistrates’ powers, and other DM and SDM. They operate the preventive Sections of the Criminal Procedure Code. The necessary inquiries are carried out by them in the cases where women die of unnatural causes within seven marriage years. They also provide directions for case-registration to the Police if necessary. The additional DM and SDM are also responsible for conducting the inquiries in the cases of custodial deaths, such as deaths in Women Homes, Jails, Police Lockups, etc., along with the major accidents line natural calamities, riots, major incidents of fires and much more.

Marriage Registration

Under the Special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act, the functions of the Marriage Registrars are performed by the Deputy Commissioners, Additional DM, and SDM. Frequently, the additional DM, who performs the duties of registrations of marriages and their solemnizations exercise this power.

Rehabilitation and Relief

The responsibility of the operations related to recovery and assistance in the case of calamities, whether they are man-made or natural, lies in the hands of this department. During disasters like droughts, fires, flood and crop failures, the relief operations are carried out by the offices of the Deputy Commissioner. It also implements and coordinates the plan of disaster management for disasters of chemical nature. It also organizes awareness programs for preparing people for these disasters. These are arranged with the help of the Development Programs of the UN.

Popular Full Form of SDM :

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Sub Divisional MagistrateFunctional Designation in the Legal Field
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Sun Download ManagerUsed in JAVA Software Field
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Sensor Data ManagementUsed by US Army
Serial Dot MatrixRelated to printing Machines
Secure Data in Motion, Inc.Internet services Company
Sparse Distributed MemoryIt is a mathematical model
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Squad Designated MarksmanUsed by US Army and Marines
Steepest Descent MethodExtension of Laplace's Method
Somali Democratic MovementIt is a Political Party
Standard Days MethodUsed in Family Planning
System Design and ManagementUsed by Management Institutions
Shared Decision MakingUsed by Management Institutions
Strategic Design ManagementStrategic Design Management
State Dependent MemoryUsed in Psychology
Brown Field, San DiegoAirport in California, USA
Speed Distance MonitorIt is a Sports Timer
Sales Development ManagerFunctional Designation
Shoppers Drug MartRetail Pharmacy Chain in Canada
Sharp Dressed ManSong in the Album Eliminator
Super Desperation MoveUsed in Gaming
Shuttle Data ManagementUsed by NASA
Secondary Deployment MechanismUsed by NASA
Spatial Data ModellingUsed in Geology Field
School of Dental MedicineAcademic Department in a Medical Collage
Single Digit MidgitInternet Slang
Size Doesn't MatterInternet Slang
Sweet Duck ManiaFunny Expansion
Sudden Death MatchFunny Expansion
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SURAREDDIPALEMIt a Railway Station in India
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