SAMSUNG Full Form Name

SAMSUNG Full Form? There is no full form for SAMSUNG. It is a Korean word which means “Three Stars”. SAMSUNG refers to a multinational conglomerate company based in South Korea. The corporation has its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. The corporation is composed of several subsidiaries as well as affiliated businesses which have united under the brand Samsung. Samsung is the biggest South Korea business conglomerate. Samsung was established as a trading company in the year 1938. Under the leadership of its founder Lee Byung Chul, the company went on to expand its business interests in areas such as textiles, food processing, retail, securities, and insurance.

In the late 1960s, the company ventured into the electronics industry and in the 1970s, it entered into the shipbuilding and construction industries. In the wake of Lee’s demise in the year 1987, the company disintegrated into four business groups, namely: Sinsehae group, Samsung Group, Hansol group, and CJ Group. Since the 1990s, Samsung has globally expanded its businesses and earned a name for itself. Samsung Electronics is an industrial subsidiary that is the largest IT company in terms of 2012 revenues. Similarly, other subsidiaries have acquired distinct honours internationally such as the Samsung Heavy Industries that is the second largest shipbuilder in the world in the terms of 2012 revenues.

Samsung C&T and Samsung Engineering are 36th and 13th biggest construction companies in the world, respectively. Samsung Life insurance is the 14th biggest life insurance company in the world. Cheil Worldwide and Samsung Everland are two of the biggest advertising companies in the world. Samsung being the biggest business conglomerate in South Korea, it exercises unprecedented influence in the country’s politics, culture, media, and development. The company was the prime driving force behind what is called Miracle on the Han River. The company produces about one-fifth of the country’s total exports.

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