SAAS Full Form Name

Full Form of SAAS:

Software As A Service

SAAS Full Form is Software as a Service. SAAS is a software licensing service model wherein applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to customers over a network, mostly Internet. It is also called “on-demand software”. It is a well-known delivery model for most of the business applications like office, messaging software, DBMS, CAD, Customer Relation Management, Accounting, Invoicing, Human Resource Management etc. The biggest advantage of hiring a SAAS service provider is that it reduces IT costs by hiring and outsourcing software’s as and when needed.

The software’s are licensed on a subscription basis and are hosted centrally in SAAS model. SAAS is related to the on demand computing software delivery models and application service provider. Advantages of the SAAS model include (1) Straightforward and easy administration, (2) Automatic updates with patch management system, (3) Compatibility: A stable version of software across all users, (4) Global and easy accessibility.

SAAS is a cost-effective solution for the business organization because it costs far less than licensed applications. The software’s are hosted remotely and don’t need any additional investment. Some of the examples of SAAS are Google, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc. wherein users are able to access the services with the help of any internet enabled device.

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