ROM Full Form Name

Full Form of ROM:

Read Only Memory

ROM Full Form is Read Only Memory. ROM is a computer storage medium or computer memory. ROM is a non-volatile memory, and it means that it can retain the data within it even when the power supply is not available to the system. ROM is not only used in computers, but it is effectively implemented in other electronic devices also. It contains pre-recorded data which can only be read and it can never be removed. Specialists can modify this data with great difficulty.

ROM is used in systems to store programs that boot the system. It also contains some other critical programs. ROM operates using semiconductor-based technology, optical technology etc. It is mainly used in need for updating firmware. There are many variants of ROM. EPROM ( Erasable Programmable ROM ), EEPROM ( Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM ) are the two types within which data can be modified.

 But it can only be done by using certain devices and instruments that are available to specialist users and technical experts. Cartridges, implemented in video game consoles, contain ROM based chips that contain images. These images can only be extracted through the effective use of some special software and hardware instruments. ROMs are also used in laser printers or calculators.

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