RIM Full Form Name

Full Form of RIM:

Research in Motion

RIM Full Form is Research in Motion. RIM is the former name of BlackBerry Limited. It is wireless equipment and Telecommunication Company. Although to the common people, it is best known as the developer of the tablets and Smartphone of the famous brand BlackBerry, it is also known as the software provider of highly reliable and secure MDM or mobile device management and industrial applications. BlackBerry has a subsidiary known as QNX. It is a leader in the industry of automotive software. The hardware and software products of BlackBerry are used all over the world by numerous industrial plants, car makers and government agencies. The majority of this activity is not visible to the public.

The headquarters of BlackBerry is in Ontario, situated in Canada. The foundation of this company was laid by Douglas Fregin and Mike Lazaridis in the year 1984. Mr. Balsillie was hired by Mr. Lazaridis in the year 1992. Mr. Balsillie and Mr. Lazaridis served as the company’s co-CEOs until January of the year 2012. The position of CEO was then taken over by John S. Chen in November of the year 2013. His main strategy consists of subcontracting the manufacturing work to Foxconn, and also focusing on the software technology.

The BlackBerry Company acquired several other technologies and companies through the years. Some of them are Slipstream Data Inc, which was acquired in 2006; Certicom, acquired in 2009; Dash Navigation, acquired in 2009; DataVizin 2010; Jaycut in 2011 and Tungle.me in 2012, Newbay in December of 2012 and Scoreloop in December 2014.

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