REEBOK Full Form Name: REEBOK Meaning

REEBOK Full Form? The name REEBOK came from rhebok (one type of African antelope or gazelle). Reebok International Ltd, also known as Reebok, is an international footwear and clothing company, which is engaged in the production and distribution of sports and fitness items including workout clothing, shoes, accessories, and training equipment. It is the official apparel and footwear sponsor Les Mils, Spartan Race, CrossFit, and UFC.  In the year 1958, the company was founded in the form of a companion company to the J.W. Foster and Sons, which was established in the year 1895 at Bolton, Lancashire, England.

The company has been functioning in the capacity of a subsidiary of Adidas ever since the year 2005. The international headquarters are situated in Canton, Massachusetts, the United States of America with regional offices located in Montreal (Canada), Amsterdam (EMEA), Hong Kong (Asia Pacific), and Mexico City (South and Central America). Reebok has come up with some of the finest ranges of footwear and apparel, which have remained bestsellers for substantial periods. In the year 1982, it came up with the Reebok Freestyle which was manufactured and marketed especially for women.

During the year 1984, the shoe range made up for more than half of the company’s sales. Sticking to the aerobic trend prevalent during the 1990s, the company introduced the Reebok Step, which was essentially a compilation of workout programs in the year 1989. Moreover, it introduced one of its signature range of shoes, the Reebok Pump. The range was introduced in the form of men’s basketball range and was announced as the first-ever completely adjustable and fit controlled shoe equipped with manual air allocation. In the year 1990, it came up with the lightweight, athletic shoes, the Reebok Ventilator. In the year 2010, the company introduced the Reebok Zig that was equipped with a kind of athletic footwear technology facilitating quicker push to athletes. In the year 2011, the company released the first CrossFit shoe called the Reebok Nano.

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