RDX Full Form

RDX Full Form is Research Department eXplosive. RDX is a powerful explosive, which was discovered and patented by a German named Georg Friedrich Henning in 1898. RDX is a hard and solid white crystalline, which was not soluble in water. It is soluble to a certain extent in some solvents. Since it is highly sensitive, it is normally mixed with various substances to bring down the sensitivity. It is also used to blast caps in non-military use.

The chemical name of RDX is cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. It is stable during storage and is one of the most potent high explosives. It is also termed as Royal Demolition eXplosive.  Though it was discovered in 1898, it was never used till World War II, when USA secretively produced RDX in large scale. The name was however, coined by The British. In the US, it was commonly known as cyclonite. Germans named it ‘hexogen’ and Italians named it ‘T4’.