QC Full Form Name: QC Meaning

Full Form of QC:

Quality Control

QC Full Form is Quality Control. QC is a process by virtue of which entities review the existing quality of every factor engaged in production. ISO 9000 defines QC as a segment of quality management that is focussed on the fulfilment of quality requirements. This approach lays emphasis on three fundamental aspects which include (1) Elements such as job management, controls, well managed and defined processes, identification of records, and integrity and performance criteria, (2) Competence such as skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications, (3) Soft elements such as integrity, confidence, motivation, quality relationships, personnel, and team spirit.

Controls involve product inspection in which every product is assessed virtually and generally with the help of a stereomicroscope prior to the sale of the product in an external market. Inspectors shall be given descriptions and lists of unacceptable product defects like surface blemishes and cracks. QC lays emphasis on the assessment of products for unravelling defects and reporting to the main management whether to allow or deny the product release. On the other side, quality assurance is an attempt to improve as well as stabilize production for avoiding or at least minimizing issues leading to the defects. QC is one of the top reasons for non-renewal of contract.

Some of the notable approaches to QC include Statistical Quality Control (abbreviated as SQC), which is essentially the application of authentic statistical methods to regulate quality; Total Quality Control (abbreviated as TQC), which involves departments in the production process; Statistical Process Control (abbreviated as SPC), which involves usage of control charts to oversee a separate industrial process and provides feedback performance to those operators responsible for the production process; Total Quality Management (abbreviated as TQM), which originated from the United States Department of Defense and is directed towards continuous and active organizational improvement.

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