PVR Full Form

PVR Full Form refers to Priya Village Roadshow. PVR was formed in 1995. It is engaged in film exhibition business and also operates other business like film distribution, providing content and Entertainment Park with the help of its subsidiaries. PVR was formed as a joint venture between Village Roadshow and Priya Exhibitors. Village Roadshow, an Australian Company, is one of the exhibition companies and is largest in the world.

More than a thousand screens are under operation. It was the first company to introduce the concept of a multiplex in India. Many path breaking innovations were initiated by PVR. For example, it launched eleven screens multiplex in Bangalore, which is largest in the country. In 2004, it introduced Gold Class Cinema. Village Roadshow sold its entire stakes to Priya Exhibitors in November 2002.

PVR is the largest chain of cinema currently. It’s cinema circuit is geographically diverse and consists of forty-two Cinemas with one hundred and eighty-four screens. It is spread over twenty-four cities. CSR programs are also conducted by PVR, which helps in the upliftment of street children with the aid of numerous initiatives. Along with cinema exhibition, PVR is also involved with cinema distribution. It has distributed nearly one hundred and fifty English movies and seventy-five Hindi movies since 2001.

Full Form of PVR : Personal Video Recorder

PVR Full Form is Personal Video Recorder. PVR is a very general term given to a device which is almost similar to VCR. The basic difference between a PVR and a VCR is that VCR records a TV data in analog format whereas  PVR records it in digital format. It encodes all video data in MPEG format and stores them in a hard drive. Other functions remain the same as VCR which includes fast-forwarding, playback, recording, rewinding, pausing, etc.
It also offers the feature of instantly jumping to the required part of the program without having to fast forward or rewind. Most often, PVR is offered as a part of the subscriber service with or without monthly fees. Some of the common names given to PVR  are (1) HDR – Hard Disk Recorder, (2) DVR – Digital Video Recorder, (3) PVS – Personal Video Station, (4) PTR – Personal TV Receiver.
PVR Full Form

Full Form of PVR – Pulse Volume Recording

PVR Full Form is Pulse Volume Recording. PVR is a vascular test of non-invasive nature that is used for obtaining information regarding the arterial flow of blood in the legs and arms. Here, the term non-invasive means that no needles, radiation, dyes, or anesthesia are used for doing this test. A transducer or a Doppler, which is a handheld device, and blood pressure cuffs are used for the PVR study. These two devices determine the general location, severity, and presence of the arterial occlusive disease. Another name of the PVR is the Doppler pressure study or vascular study.

PVRs are of several types. The three main types are the ABI or Ankle Brachial Index, Exercise Training PVR, and Thoracic Outlet Testing. In the ABI, a measurement of the comparison between the blood pressures in the arm and lower leg is made. The ABI is determined by the physician by comparing these two numbers. In normal cases, the blood pressures in arm and ankles are nearly equal. In case the value of the ankle pressure is nearly half or lower than that of the arm pressure, then it may indicate the narrowing of the patient’s leg arteries.

The blood pressure cuffs are wrapped around the leg and arm and then inflated. On the other hand, the blood flow in the arm and leg is listened by using the Doppler. The ABI is used for diagnosing arterial disease in the patient’s legs, but it cannot identify the blocked arteries. In the Exercise Testing PVR, the blood cuffs are wrapped around the feet, ankles, legs, calves, and thighs while the patient walks on the exercise equipment, like a treadmill.  The Thoracic Outer Test is done while the person is sitting. The test takes approximately thirty to ninety minutes to finish. The PVR does not have any side effects on the patient. The reason for this is that no radiation is used as other X-ray tests do.

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