PTI Full Form Name

Full Form of PTI:

Press Trust of India

PTI Full Form is Press Trust of India. PTI is a nonprofit cooperative agency that is mainly recognized as a leading news agency in the sector of news media. In fact, PTI is considered as the biggest and most largely spanned news agency in India. PTI covers news itself, but it has also built cooperation with several other international news agencies to provide international news to the citizens of India.

After the independence of India, PTI inherited the administrative and functional operations from Reuters. Hormusji N. Cama is the current chairman and Sudhir Wadhwa is the current assistant manager in marketing in PTI. Founded in 1947, PTI has four regional headquarters to cover news from each possible part of India. Kolkata, New Delhi (corporate office), Mumbai (registered office), and Chennai are the four places where the regional headquarters of PTI are located.

PTI deals and works out its functions by both full -time journalists and part -time correspondents. PTI exchanges their gather information with news agencies based in India as well as with those that are based outside the country. Multiple correspondents of PTI are working at leading business centres and influentially major capitals across the world. In South-Asia, PTI is the lone news agency that has its own satellite for communication.

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