PSD Full Form Name

Full Form of PSD:

PhotoShop Document

PSD Full Form is PhotoShop Document. PSD is a file document extension or format that is used in Adobe Photoshop. It is the default format through which data is saved in Photoshop. The default format of a Photoshop file is .psd. PSD is the file image that is widely layered. These layers are related to the text, masks, spot colors, transparency, duotone settings, transparency, clipping paths, and alpha channels.

PSD can be considered as on kind of proprietary file. It allows the Photoshop user to modify and work on the individual layers. The user can do that even after saving the file. After the completion of working on a image, the user can flatten the required layers if needed. The flat image is then available for conversion into other types of file formats like .GIF, or .JPG.

After such conversion is made, the user can never convert the file back to the PSD format. The maximum limit of the width and height of a PSD file is 30000 pixels. The maximum size of such file can be 2 Gigabytes. Import and export, of PSD files, can be done between various other apps that are produced by Adobe. This format can be accessed and used in other software services of similar type because Photoshop is extremely popular among the users.

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