PPT Full Form

PPT Full Form is Microsoft PowerPoint. This refers to the Microsoft program presented in the form of slide show. It was officially launched in 1990. PPT is one of the most used forms of presentation in the current generation. Though it was originally designed for Microsoft, earlier it was called ‘Presenter’. Dennis Austin and Thomas Dennis of the Forethought, Inc. developed PPT in 1987. Later this was renamed as PowerPoint.

PPT comprises of several individual pages called ‘slides’. The slides are in the form of transparencies or plastic sheets, which are displayed or projected on a screen with the help of an overhead projector. These slides contain graphics, texts, sound, etc., which are organized freely. However, currently, most PPTs are offered as a part of computer systems and thus do not require any sheets or slides. PPT 97 VBA or Visual Basic for Applications language. PPT 2000 introduced ‘clipboard’, which is capable of holding multiple objects at the same time.