PNG Full Form Name: PNG Meaning

Full Form of PNG:

Portable Network Graphics

PNG Full Form is Portable Network Graphics. PNG is pronounced as ‘ping’. PNG refers to the file format used for image compression. It is similar to GIF or Graphics Interchange Format, which is popular in today’s world. PNG is said to replace GIF very soon. PNG is license free and patent-free and was developed by an Internet committee. Recent editions of Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator support PNG, as it has various additional features than GIF. PNG is said to offer the most effective format for lossless compression of image files. These files are identified with their extensions that say ‘.png’.

PNG was invented as a modified improved and non-patented replacement for GIF (which is actually Graphics Interchange Format). PNG, for that matter, is presently the most utilized lossless image compression format applied on the Internet. It provides support to palette-based images, grayscale image, etc. It was specifically designed for the transfer of images easily on the Internet and was not meant for print graphics of professional quality and it is for this reason, it does not provide support to non-RGB color spaces, for example, CMYK. The extensions used by a PNG file are png or PNG and these are assigned media type MIME which is image/png.

The Internet Engineering Steering group had officially approved the use of PNG in the year 1996 and subsequently in the year 2004, the same was published but as an IEC/ISO standard in the year 2004. PNG is often compared with GIFs. GIFs have the capability to attain greater compression on small images than PNG but on most of the images, GIF will produce larger file size than PNG. More transparency options are available with PNG than GIF, which includes alpha channel transparency. As far as color depths are concerned, PNG has much wider range thus, facilitating smoother fades, greater precision in colors, etc.

When an image is converted from the PNG to the GIF format, then the quality of the image may be affected due to what is called posterization when the PNG image contains 256+ colors. GIF supports animated images whereas PNG does not provide much support to this category of images. Also, older browsers do not support PNG format. Some of the special features of PNG format include (1) It is possible to control the level of transparency or opacity, (2) It supports interlacing of images, (3) PNG is faster, (4) It lets the user tune images for brightness, color, and other display features, (5) It also allows users to save images using the ‘true color’ format and in ‘gray-scale’ and ‘palette’ formats. However, PNG does not support animations.

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