pH Full Form

pH Full Form is Power of Hydrogen. pH is a unit of a numeric scale, which is used to measure the base or acidic quantity of a substance. It is denoted as pH. The pH scale has measure that ranges between 0 and 14 with 7 as the neutral or middle point. The chemical, which has the pH value of less than 7 is said to be acidic. Similarly, a chemical that has pH value more than 7 is said to be basic (more alkaline). Water is said to have a pH value of 7.0, which is neutral.

The letter ‘p’ refers to the German word ‘power’ or ‘potenz’. The letter H is the symbol for Hydrogen element. Here, ‘H’ is mentioned in capital because, it is a standard practice to refer to elements in capital letters. The pH scale is also called ‘logarithmic scale’. pH concept was introduced in 1909 at Carlsberg Laboratory by a Danish chemist named Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen.