PERL Full Form Name

Full Form of PERL:

Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

PERL Full Form is Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. PERL is a high level integrated programming language. It is developed by Larry Wall in the year 1987. The main objective of developing a Unix Scripting Language like PERL was to make report processing easier. A lot of modifications and developments has made in PERL since then.  The PERL Language borrows features from various programming languages like C, AWK, SED, SHELL SCRIPT etc.  PERL 6 is a part of PERL family of languages but is a separate language having its own characteristics.

Its features are different from PERL 5. All the versions of PERL are enabled with automatic memory management and data typing. PERL is used in many public and private companies especially for mission critical projects. PERL includes powerful tools for processing and manipulating text & makes it perfect for working with HTML and mark-up languages. PERL facilitates and simplifies Data Management Tasks.PERL can handle the web encrypted data like E-commerce transactions. PERL is practical language, with variables, assignment statements, expressions, subroutines, control structures etc.

Some of the features of PERL include strings, lists, references, packages, lexically scoped variables and class-based method which support an object-oriented program method and complex data structure. A PERL interpreter has two phases to follow 1) Compile Phase and 2) Run Phase. Compile Phase is about compiling data from various platforms and Run Phase executes and processes the data collected. PERL is dual licensed under Artistic License and General Public License.  It is prevalent on UNIX and UNIX –like systems, it is also compatible with many other contemporary platforms.

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