PDF Full Form

PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format that is designed to display documents in a manner that they do not depend on upon the kind of operating system, hardware, or software. One feature of PDF documents is that they have the property to encapsulate details of a fixed layout flat document, along with all the necessary texts, graphics, fonts, and other details necessary for display. It was a system called Camelot, which developed into a PDF.

The world has become a more convenient place to live, as far as the technological innovations are concerned. The digitalization of the world has given way to a different standard of lifestyle that functions on gadgets and the internet. Without these gadgets, it is difficult to imagine working in a conventional manner. From marketing to paperwork, everything is on the system. All you need to do is purchase some minimum gadgets, which together give you access to the universe of quick and convenience facilities.

Paperwork is a cumbersome task, considering the fact that it is tedious to maintain. This is due to its accumulating nature and vulnerability to damages or worse complete destruction. Moreover, it is impossible to recover the lost paperwork and you have to start anew. All of this has been significantly done away with by computer technology. Computer technology is now a big role player in the field of global change and with the help of its large variety of software and hardware; it has become an essential part of private and professional life.

PDF is an amazing platform that has greatly helped in the reduction of paperwork and improvement in the digital access of files. It has replaced traditional file formats and is becoming an excessively used format in the contemporary period. PDF has many utilities that have changed the manner in which we use digital files. Inclusive of independence, PDF provides to the users a much-wanted convenience in the use of digital files by making them portable. Some of the utilities of PDF are as follows:

PDF Full Form – Additional Information

Technological innovations are premised upon needs and improvement. Because the world is driven towards a fast-paced, convenient lifestyle, computer scientists have started to dwell on the possible way of improving the existing computer services. It is the need and desired requirement of having a portable file format that caused the invention of PDF, which now is one of the most popular file formats.

The history of PDF can be traced back to 1990s when other competing file formats like Envoy, Common Digital Ground Paper, Farallon Replica, and PostScript format have entered the market. People have slowly adapted to the usages of PDFs because earlier, Adobe was not providing software for creating of PDF files free and in fact, the earlier versions of PDF creating software lacked a reasonable number of utilities. There were problems associated with such versions like slow download speed of PDF files, poor reading capabilities of PDF files, etc.

Later, Adobe started marketing its Acrobat Reader, which is now known as Adobe Reader, free of charge since the launch of version 2.0. Since then many developments have been made in the Portable Document Format and many versions of PDF creating and reading softwares have come up.

Security issues with PDF files:

One of the most important questions raised in respect of PDF files is security. The digital world is becoming exceedingly susceptible to security breaches, causing data and information stored open to thefts. Thus, the question regarding security inputs in PDF files is important.

A PDF file can have a digital signature for authentication or encryption. Let us take up security standards provided by Acrobat Reader, which is one of the most commonly used PDF software in the world. The standard security provided by Acrobat has two different methods and passwords. The two passwords are user password and office password. The former deals with encryption of files so that they cannot be opened without permission whereas the latter restricts specific operations, where access to documents is restricted even though the documents concerned are not encrypted. In the user password, password cracking is needed in accessing the file. Therefore, it is advised that the password is rather difficult and its strength is strong.

PDF Full Form

Changes in PDF features and specifications:

PDF specifications have been changed consistently to improve their overall performance and utility. Some of the changes made in the Adobe’s PDF specifications have been listed below:

  • In the first revised version, encryption facilities like passwords were added.
  • In the second version launched in the year 2000, new features like digital signatures; enhanced page numbering; new annotation types, masked images, DeviceN color spaces, Web capture, capturing information from the World Wide Web, etc were added.
  • In the third version, RC4 encryption key with length more than 40 bits; improvements to Forms Data Format; accessibility to persons with disability; a facility that allows import of information from one PDF file into another, etc. were added.
  • In the year 2004, the fifth version was launched with features like 3D artwork; AES encryption; Open Type font embedding; NChannel Color Spaces, document sections for layered artwork; facilities pertaining multi-language documents; assistance to rich text elements, the introduction of PKCS#7 etc were added among many other features.
  • In the year 2008, features like 256 bit AES encryption, locale set typefaces, etc were added among many other features.

Technical issues involved in the use of PDF documents:

Although PDF is a great format, there are issues attached with it that pose questions to its utility. Some of the restrictions or issues with the use of PDF documents are enumerated below:

When a PDF is generated on scanning a hard copy document, then the so generated PDF document will not have the same structural display as the PDF files of the same document generated directly. The file size will vary and the facility to search within the content of a PDF file will not be available in this case. Thus, such documents cannot be used like other typical PDF documents.

Another problem with PDF documents revolves around accessibility. A PDF document is capable of having three different views, which may possibly be conflicting with each other. The three views are Physical, the Tags, and Content.

Despite having been designed to suit the needs of persons with disability, there are certain aspects of PDF documents that still remain inaccessible to these persons like tags and reflowing.

PDF documents are susceptible to viruses and this was first discovered in the year 2001. The virus was referred to as OUTLOOK PDFWorm or Peachy. Soon after, many other viruses were discovered in PDF documents that raised serious concerns among the computer scientists and users. The problem with PDF documents is that where a webpage contains a PDF file with viruses, it can take advantage of the PDF reader, which will, in turn, affect the information stored in the database.

A technical issue with display settings is also there, which up until today, remains unresolved. PDF documents can save display settings and because of that, it has the tendency to override the user’s settings. What is problematic is that there is no way to change these settings.

PDF Software:

Currently, there are many softwares circulating in the market that generally provide for free creation and reading of PDF files. Some of the options available for the users are LibreOffice, WordPerfect 9, Scribus, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Google Docs, the pdfTe typesetting system, Ghostscript, etc.

Processors known as Raster Image Processors (RIPs) are used in the conversion of PDF files into raster image format. A raster format makes imaging suitable for paper, printer, presses, etc. The whole process is called rasterisation.

As far as editing of PDF files is concerned, there are a few software available in the market that provides this facility. A little problem with this software is that they are comparatively expensive. Some of such software are Inkscape, SerifPagePlus, Enfocus PitSop Pro, Dochub, etc. This software are limited in number so users have little choices to choose from.

Annotation is a popular feature commonly found in developed PDF softwares, like Adobe. Adobe is one example that facilitates a user to highlight, annotate, and add notes on the PDF documents. Another software is XJournal that allows users to annotate and highlight in different colors and shades, adding interactive features to its software. It also allows features for underlining the text.

What is interesting about annotations in XJournal is that they can be moved, copied, or pasted. Then we have Freeware Foxit Reader, which allows annotations and is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. Another software is Qiqqa, which offers a summary of annotations made in the PDF document.

There are also softwares available for annotations in PDF documents saved in mobiles. Some of these softwares are iAnnotatePDF, GoodReader, etc. These provide the ease of annotation as well as summary reporting of annotations done throughout the PDF document.

There is PDF software that available online like on the website Scribd for the purposes of viewing and storage; Zamzar, which is another website that hosts PDF software for the conversion of files into the PDF format; Pdfvue is another website that uses PDF software to allow editing of the PDF documents online.

PDF Full Form: Planetary Defence Force

Full Form of PDF refers to Planetary Defence Force. In every fictional world that is set up in a military background has an armed force with a glorious or infamous past, unmatched capabilities, and overwhelming glamor that enchant audience in a strong spell. One such force is the Planetary Defence Force (PDF).

Planetary Defence Force is a part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, which is a miniature war game with a dystopian science fantasy background. In this war game, there are planets engaged in war and have battle forces named the Planetary Defence Force.

The rules of the game are such that every planet is required to maintain government-run military forces for its protection from outside attacks. The composition and character of these forces differ from one planet to another, primarily because of the distinct cultural norms existing in every one of these planets.

The military skills and weaponry strength of the PDFs depend upon the overall performance of the planet in the game. It is upon the government of each planet to oversee the training of corps and implementation of improvement measures in their functioning framework. For examples, the Vostroyans maintain forges that ensure uninterrupted, uniform supply of arms and ammunition to its soldiers. Thus, the future of the player depends primarily upon the PDFs.

Full Form of PDF: Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

PDF Full Form refers to Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Parkinson’s disease, also otherwise known as idiopathic or primary Parkinsonism or paralysis agitans, or hypokinetic rigid syndrome, is a disorder that causes degenerative effects on the central nervous system, primarily affecting the motor system of the body. The disease results from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the mid brain region.

A lot of financial investments and scientific research have been made in respect of Parkinson’s disease and a few notable awareness organizations and programs have emerged to ensure a responsive public attitude towards this disorder. One such advocacy foundation is the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF).

PDF engages in research, educational programs, and other awareness programs pertaining to Parkinson’s disease. The foundation also undertakes funding projects that are aimed at conducting comprehensive research on the disease and finding cure for it.

PDF was founded in the year 1957 by William Back and ever since then, it has undertaken funding projects amounting to $110 million approximately. Its contributions have been acknowledged, as in the year 2014 the Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News named PDF as 7th top fund giving diseases foundations. Apart from funding in research activities, PDF is also engaged in funding education and public awareness programs and has contributed approximately $47 million in these areas. The efficiency of its funding programs has been highly rated by the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Charity Navigator.

PDF Full Form: Peace Development Fund

Full Form of PDF stands for Peace Development Fund. Peace cannot be established if human beings are devoid of minimal standard of living, rights, social justice, and economic development. Peace is a desire that is capable of being materialized if individuals and authoritative institutions understand the importance of developmental measures directed towards holistic betterment of individuals whose the natural consequence will be beneficial to the society.

To achieve such aim, Peace Development Fund (PDF) has been established tasked with a noble purpose of securing a just and peaceful world. It is a non-profit public foundation located in Amherst, Massachusetts that is aimed at providing grants and other financial assistance to organizations participating in human rights and social movements. It does all this is to shape organizations in a manner that would render them more capable in dealing with community-related issues.

Bob Mazer and Meg Gage had established the foundation in the year 1981 and back then, the foundation was largely concerned with anti-nuclear organizations. Later, they expanded their focus area to other issues like funding groups that were against the policies of the Reagan’s administration.

PDF has played a fundamental role in the development of fringe and prominent organizations that target community issues and manifest capabilities worth the support. With the intervention of PDF, many organizations have savored quick rise in popularity and credibility.

Full Form of PDF: Planet Dog Foundation

PDF Full Form stands for Planet Dog Foundation. A dog is arguably the most faithful companion a human can every have. To have a dog does not amount to entering into a master-servant relationship, which many individuals mistakenly perceive it to be. A dog is your friend and family, who will engage truthfully and faithfully in his relationship with you. So, if you cherish your dog, you must learn about the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) whose contributions in the betterment of dogs are internationally recognized.

Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) is a non-profit fund organization that is aimed at helping dogs and granting funds to conduct activities that will benefit these friendly creatures. Founded by Alex Fisher, PDF has donated about $850,000 in execution of programs and events focused on dogs and means to improve their lives.

The foundation endeavors to carry out many goals pertaining to dogs and their welfare and some of them are as follows:

The foundation is aimed participate in the public awareness programs that highlight the importance of a mutual existence of dogs and humans.

To enter into partnerships with small and large organizations to effectively complete its mission.

To create an emergency response system that will provide assistance to dogs and humans in situations which affect both.

To encourage establishment and expansion of organizations undertaking goals similar to that of the Planet Dog Foundation. For this, the PDF is willing to grant financial resources.

PDF Full Form: People’s Defence Forces

Full Form of PDF refers to People’s Defence Forces. The name is enough to get an idea that it refers to military forces of various countries. Many State military forces around the world share the same name and therefore, the use of the name may be sometimes confusing. So in order to dispel confusion, let us take up some of the PDFs around the world.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces, which was formerly known as the National Resistance Army, is the armed force of the country of Uganda. A report covering the period from the year 2007 to 2011, the International Institute for Strategic Studies has estimated that the army’s total strength was around 45, 000 and includes Land and Air forces.

The Tanzania People’s Defence forces are the official armed forces of the country Tanzania. Since its formation in the year 1964, the army is believed to have functioned under the notion that they are a civilian’s army and must not behave like or repeat mistakes of the colonial armies. The army is dedicated in the protection of Tanzania and its ideologies.

Full Form of PDF: Peoples’ Democratic Front

PDF Full Form stands for Peoples’ Democratic Front. It is some of the most commonly used names for political parties or groups across the globe. Thus, the following paragraphs deal with some of the popular parties and groups carrying the name same.

Peoples Democratic Front is a mass front of the national political party, the Communist Party of India and is based in Hyderabad city of India. During the first Lok Sabha term, the party had won 7 seats. These seven seats were majorly won by famous personalities of that time who played an essential role in the Telangana Rebellion movement. Seven of the Lok Sabha members from the PDF are Ramchander Govind Paranjpe, Sunkam Achalu, T. B. Vittal Rao, N. M. Jaisoorya , Ravi Narayan Reddy, Badam Yella Reddy and Pendyal Raghava Rao.

An Iranian Rebel group also goes by the name Peoples Democratic Front. The Front was founded with the purpose of advocating armed rebellion against the regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was the Shah of Iran from the year 1941 to 1979 and was the second and last shah from the House of Pahlavi. PDF later merged with the Organization of Iranian People’s Fedai Guerrillas.

PDF Full Form: Postdoctoral Fellowship

Full Form of PDF refers to Postdoctoral Fellowship. A Post doctoral researcher or a post-doctoral fellow is an individual who is involved in research activities after having completed his own doctoral studies. Their appointment is generally made on a temporary basis to further prepare individuals for teaching profession or other academic professions.

A Post doctoral Fellowship (PDF) is often the most resorted option, providing research environment to selected number of individuals. It allows time for a budding researcher to undertake deeper research analysis and hone experimentation skills. In a PDF, there would be minimal options to engage in teaching activities and a salary that is generally less than that of a faculty member. But, it will provide a productive and resourceful environment for the development of scientific temper. There are many PDFs programs conducted by many esteemed institutes in India. Some of them are as follows:

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi offers PDFs to persons in all disciplines taught at the Institute.

Fulbright-Nehru Post Doctoral Fellowship that is designed for budding teachers and young researchers. The Fellowship has collaborated with the United States thus, making it a prestigious fellowship in India.

CSIR-Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme is an ambitious fellowship program conducted by India’s largest Research and Development organization, offering promising teachers and researchers opportunities to train their practical skills. The post doctoral fellows will be paid Rs. 35,000/- per month plus House Rent Allowance (HRA).

IndiaBioscience offers the SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship ( N-PDF)to teachers and researchers in the areas of science and engineering.

The National Board for Higher Mathematics, which functions under the Department of Atomic Energy, offers post-doctoral fellowships to mathematicians who have completed their Ph.D. in mathematics.

Full Form of PDF: Pearl Drummers Forum

PDF Full Form refers to Pearl Drummers Forum. Pearl Musical Instrument Company is a multinational company, which deals in a wide range of musical instruments. It is based in Japan, with its headquarters at Yachiyo, Chiba. It has produced a wide series of drums like Rhythm Traveler, Session Studio Classic, SY1 Syncussion, DRX1, SoundCheck, Custom Z, etc.

Also known as Pearl, the corporation operates a Pearl Drummers Forum. The Forum is considered to be the largest online drum and percussion forum and allows space for the drummers from different parts of the world to talk about drums and other musical things that inspire them. It is a platform that facilitates interactions among drummers and between drummers and common people. An Informative platform it has become, the corporation has recently launched an App, paving the way for greater portability and ensured easier connectivity among drummers. The App has been launched for both Apple and Android platforms. SO no matter where you are, you shall always stay connected with the world of drums.

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