PCS Full Form

PCS Full Form is Provincial Civil Services. PCS  is an alternative of AIS or All India Services, such as the IFS, IPS, and the IAS. The PCS is also called the SCS or State Civil Services. Each state in India has its own PSC or Public Service Commission. The PSC conducts competitive exams for recruiting candidates into different civil services of the state.

There are various categories under which a candidate initially gets a job through a PCS exam. These categories include BDO or Block Development Officer, Excise Officer, District Treasury Officer, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies, State Police Services, Assistant Collector, District Employment Officer, District Welfare Officer, District Food and Supplies Officer. Many jobs are of the executive kind.

The candidates who get these jobs have the duty to implement the programs, schemes and plans of the State Government. The candidates pursuing the PSC exam need to fulfill the eligibility requirements. The majority of the states do not accept those whose age is less than twenty-one. The maximum age of a candidate can be between twenty-eight and thirty-five. He or she needs to have a graduate degree in any area.

A candidate must possess a detailed knowledge regarding the language, customs, geography and culture of the state for which he or she is applying. There are three stages of the PCS exam. These are entrance exam, main exam, and interview. Some states do not conduct the entrance exam. The questions asked in a PCS exam are related to the customs, geography, and culture of the state.

Full Form of PCS : Personal Communication Service

PCS Full Form refers to Personal Communication Service, which is almost the same as cellular phone service. PCS is also a wireless service but with special features that emphasize extended mobility and personal service. It can also be termed as ‘digital cellular’ and requires several antennas for coverage network. When a person using PCS moves around, the signal is received from the nearest antenna in that locality.

This is then forwarded to the base station, which in turn is connected through wired network. PCS offers a good combination that includes terminal mobility, service profile management, as well as personal mobility. In fact, it offers the best features of both digital and analog phone systems. It is also found to be a very cost-effective solution that creates an informal environment for communication.

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