PASCAL Full Form Name: PASCAL Meaning

PASCAL Full Form? The term PASCAL doesn’t have any full form. The programming language is named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He was a great mathematician, philosopher and contributed immensely in the field of atmospheric sciences. PASCAL is a procedural programming language that was designed by Niklaus Wirth during the 1968-69 and published in the year 1970, as an efficient language used to motivate programming practices with the help of data structuring and structured programming. A derivative called Object Pascal created for object-oriented programming was developed in the year 1985.

The programming language was named after the honorable French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Before working on Pascal, Wirth engaged himself in the development of ALGOL W and EULER and later in the development of Pascal-like programming languages such as Oberon and Modula-2. When Pascal was introduced, it was more commonly employed in teaching students structured programming. For a long time, it was used in the form of an introductory language taught in undergraduate courses.

Pascal was primarily developed for Apple Lisa and Macintosh. Object Pascal is still in use for the development of various Windows applications and for cross compiling the same code to iOS, Android, and Mac operating systems. Another type of cross-platform version is known as Free Pascal, which along with the Lazarus IDE, is extensively popular among Linux users as it provides the write once, compile anywhere feature to users.

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