ORACLE Full Form

ORACLE Full Form is Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine. ORACLE is an ORDBMS ( Object Relational Database Management System ) that is developed, produced, and effectively marketed by the Oracle Corporation which is headquartered in the Redwood City of California. The original version of ORACLE was developed in 1978 by SDL ( Software Development Laboratories ).

ORACLE is one of the highest revenue generating software brands. It is supported by most of the notable operating systems. The data is stored logically in the format of table spaces. The data is also stored physically in the format of data files. The storage has an architecture of 3 operating modules namely partitioning, monitoring, and disk files architecture.

The storage of data and the control of information is done through the use of an area of shared memory that is named SGA ( System Global Area ). The server processes of ORACLE can gain access to these operations and stored information through the use of PGA ( Program Global Area ). It has four types of marketing editions namely EE ( Enterprise Edition ), SE ( Standard Edition ), SEO or SE1 ( Standard Edition One ), XE ( Express Edition ). It also has a version that is designed for use in mobile devices. This version is called Oracle Database Lite.

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