NTPC Full Form Name

Full Form of NTPC:

National Thermal Power Corporation

NTPC Full Form is National Thermal Power Corporation. NTPC is a public undertaking of the Indian Government, whose operations are handled by the Ministry of Power. The main business of NTPC is to generate electricity and other similar activities. The headquarters of NTPC is situated in Delhi and most of its operations are conducted from here.

NTPC operates at fifty-five different locations across India, one in Sri Lanka and two in Bangladesh. The dispatch of power generation is done by the regional headquarters and it is these headquarters that ensure proper working of the power system in their particular region. Of all their power generating plants, seventeen are coal based while seven are gas based stations. Rest stations use LPG as fuel for power generation. Some stations harness water from dams to produce electricity too. NTPC has been ranked 62nd largest power producer in the world.

With the growing development and economy of the country, more and more power production is needed for which the government allows different lands to NTPC for setting up more power plants. However, many of these and belong to the tribal communities and setting up a power plant there means exploiting the living conditions of the tribal people. The NTPC has been facing severe criticism due to these issues in recent years.

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