NTFS Full Form Name

Full Form of NTFS:

New Technology File System

NTFS Full Form is New Technology File System. NTFS is a file system in Windows NT operating system used for storing and retrieving data on a hard disk. It is standard file structure for Windows NT operating System. NTFS was designed for the XR processor released by Microsoft in 1993.

The NTFS has a number of enhancements like innovative data structures that increased performance and added expansions like file system journaling, disk space utilization, reliability, and security access control. NTFS replaced the High-Performance File System (HPFS) of OS/2 and file allocation table (FAT) of Windows 95, used in MS-DOS and earlier operating system. NTFS is used with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

NTFS latest features include a tolerance system repairs hard drive errors without any manual intervention. It also maintains detailed transaction records and a keeps track on hard drive errors. This feature is beneficial and of great use for recovering files in case your hard disk crashes; it also reduces the chances of hard drive failures. NTFS enable safe data saving and retrieval of the same. NTFS allows controls like write, read or execute files and specific directories.

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